If you want to get online but aren’t sure what option is best for you, then take a look at our BigPond Broadband options below:


BigPond ADSL enables you to email and download large files including video, while using your phone or fax at the same time, all at high data speeds. It also means there’s no need for extra cables or external equipment to be installed.

ADSL2+1 provides a higher-speed broadband, with more speed in more places around Australia with super-fast speeds of up to 20Mbps2.


Connect to the internet easily, without the need for a telephone line or access to a cable network and enjoy the freedom in many places across Australia using the Next G™ network. Access wirelessly using a Modem, or plug-in and go Mobile Card.


BigPond Cable Broadband offers incredibly fast internet access, using the connection via your Pay TV (FOXTEL) network. It can deliver data at up to 100 times the speed of standard telephone modems and is ‘always on’ – which means no more waiting to connect and no additional wires.

Plus as a BigPond member, you’ll have a huge range of entertainment available to you on demand such as:


Access a huge amount of content via our EXCLUSIVE UNMETERED SITES. See all the latest Cricket, V8 Supercars, NRL/AFL, and Horseracing updates, without affecting your monthly usage! Unmetered Content is available to all BigPond Broadband Members on an ADSL, Cable or Wireless3 plan.


Entertain your ears! Using BigPond's online music store, download the latest tracks and albums, plus be heard with the coolest ringtones, at a competitive price.


Play online or buy your own games for mobile or PC from BigPond's Games Shop. Visit the BigPond Games Arena for the latest news, reviews, features, videos and more, on your favourite Mobile, PC, XBox, Nintendo and Playstation games.


Choose from over 36,000 movie titles from BigPond's online store, at similar rental prices, without leaving your home. Within just a few days of ordering, your DVD will arrive in your letterbox. Watch the movie when it suits you - tonight, tomorrow, next week, then send it back to us in the Reply Paid envelope provided. There are no due dates and no late fees!